The 3 Abilities Every Writer Must Develop



What makes a writer a writer? What abilities, traits or mindset help to set a writer apart from most other?

And I’ve come up with three abilities or traits that I believe are fundamental for a successful writer. Here they are:

1) A love of words.

This, of course, is crucial. If you don’t enjoy words, their specific meaning and connotations, the rhythm they create – well, your writing will be dead from the start.

Words are the material for writing stories. That’s why writing is sometimes called a craft. Every craftsperson needs to know their chosen material intimately.

Can this be acquired? I believe it can. You can cultivate an interest, sign up for a “word of the day” and just learn. Reading helps, too, with an eye to unfamiliar words and their meaning.

2) Imagination

Again, you’re probably going, “duh, of course!”, but there is a deeper aspect to it.

Yes, imagination helps in creating a fantastic fictional world with awesome inventions and surprising plot twists. However, where it is utterly necessary is in the creation of characters. You must be able to walk in the shoes of your characters – yes, even the villains.

That’s the level of imagination that makes writing really have an impact – and be believable.

3) Observation

Now, what does that have to do with writing?

Observation teaches you about the world, of course. It also lets you learn about how humans think, react and move. You need to observe things before you can put them into your stories. And the closer the actions of your characters are to what your readers can observe in their own lives the more believable your stories are. Readers will be able to get into them and relate to your heroes – and come away well entertained and possibly inspired.

That’s what you want, right?

Your turn:

Do you agree? Is that list complete? What would you add as essential for writers?

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