The One Thing Every Story Must Have



Well, apart from the very obvious, like characters and a setting, a story needs one single thing:


Think about it.

Conflict is where desire and obstacles meet.

If there is only desire, and it is immediately fulfilled, there is no real story. And if there are only obstacles, but no reason to surmount them, there is no story, either.

The story – and our interest in it – only starts to live when desires and obstacles are in a relationship.

As human beings, we immediately resonate with wishes and desires, and the struggle to make them come true. We love such stories where a character (a person, an animal or even something as intangible as love) overcomes obstacles, grows while doing so, and in the end, triumphs.

It really is that simple.

And it’s true for epic novels as well as mundane blog posts. Stories go to the readers’ heart, if they have conflict, and a resolution.

Keep that in mind when you start the next story.

Your Turn:

What does your character desire in your story? And which obstacles does he or she meet?

Image source: F. Moebius

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