The Power of the Timer


My timer

As a writer, you should use a timer, especially on those days when you do not feel inspired.

Because that timer can make you write anyway.

How does that work?

The timer is simply a tool that makes you focus on the task, and bypass all the unhelpful thoughts that are crowding your mind when you do not feel inspired.

The timer erases all that. It unclutters your mind.

And then you can write.

It’s almost too simple to be true, right? But this is the power of the timer. I use it all the time, like for writing this blog post.

So get yourself a nice timer, one that speaks to you, through beauty, silliness or maybe the sound it makes when your time is  up. Use it only for writing.

When you first start working with it, set it to 30 minutes max – and focus on writing during that time. Nothing else.

No Facebook. No checking mails. No weather report. Just writing. That’s the trick.

I actually suggest starting with 15 min and working your way up.  I like using 30 min and then taking a conscious break. And then, if I am under a deadline, I go for the next 30 min.

The productivity is amazing, believe me. Especially if you do this every single day from now on. That’s the way to write three novels a year.

Your Turn:

Did you try out the timer? How did it work?

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PS: If you need a bit more of a nudge to write every day, here’s the perfect class for you. Starting on November 1st: 30 Days Daily Writing Habit Class

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