What will they think?



Here you are, having written something that touches your heart. A poem, a story, maybe even your About page or even sales copy for your new program. You’ve poured the love of words into it – and your heart. Those words are like a part of your soul.

And then you realize that other people will read it. That your friends and family may read it. That they will see that part of your soul.

In that moment, you may feel vulnerable and somewhat naked.

What will they think?

You may feel tempted to pull that bit of writing back. If it’s a poem, you may hide it. You may never send out that story or post it on your blog.

Because the fear of what they may think about you, about that piece of soul that you bared is stronger than the urge to share it.

And that makes me sad.

We need your voice. The world needs your voice.

Here’s some tapping to overcome that fear.

Even though I’m so scared to show my work – what will they think? – I’m a good writer and I would like my voice to be heard.

Even though I feel as if I’m baring my soul, and they might hate me for opening up like that and showing that part of myself, I love my creativity and I allow that fear to melt away.

Even though it’s very scary to show those hidden parts of myself and open up to criticism, I’m a good writer, and I now choose to know that loving criticism is good and that hateful criticism is never about me but always about the hater.

Have you had that happen to you? Have you felt that stark moment of doubt when your parents or your spouse read your work? This spark of fear about what they may think?

Please write a comment and show everyone they are not alone in this.

Image source: F. Moebius

PS: If this fear holds you back from showing your work to the world, I can help you release it. I can help you to own your writing and show it to the world with pride rather than fear. Click HERE and send me an email. We’ll talk about the level of support you want through Skype.


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