Three Novels a Year

Three novels

Three Novels

So you are saying there is no way you can write every day. Even if you really want to be a writer.

Because you’re really, really busy.
Because you work long hours.
Because you don’t have a single hour to yourself in a day.
Because you have to get everything else done before you can sit down and write.

Actually, all of this is probably true, and yet, it’s a mindset issue.

Because it’s a question of priorities.

Take a close look at all the things you do every day. And then think again. Even if you can carve out 15 minutes to half an hour every day that you dedicate to writing, you can write a novel in … let me do the math for you:

If you’re starting out as writer, you can probably do about 500 words in half an hour, especially if you spend part of that time thinking about what to write. And this is how it multiplies:

500 words per day =
3500 words a week
15,000 words a month (at 30 days)
60,000 words in four months

That’s a novel there, folks.

Written in bits of 30 minutes. You can do that in your lunch break.

See how important it is to write every single day?

It could make the difference between no novel and three novels per year.

So what’s stopping you?

Your Turn:

What is stopping you from writing for 30 minutes a day?
What novel would you write if you could carve out 30 minutes per day?
Would your family support you?

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